Thursday, October 29, 2020
Commercial / Retail

The commercial and retail markets are an important component of our national economy.  Consumers are interested in attractive, convenient markets and centers in which to do their shopping and conduct other business.

Economic booms have resulted in a wide variety of commercial and retail centers. The competition is fierce to attract customers and many developments provide visitors with an ‘experience’ as they go about their business.

Themed "neighborhoods" in malls, play areas, carnival rides and petting zoos for the kids have become commonplace.

Business centers have embraced sustainable technologies and are becoming increasingly ‘green’.  The quality of the work environment has become an important consideration for employers and employees alike.

From eclectic shopping destinations to giant big box stores to commercial business centers, Converse has decades of experience providing siting and design recommendations as well as quality assurance testing and inspection services during construction.

Project Experience:
Shopping Center 1
Shopping Center 2
Eastvale Gateway
Plaza in Diamond Bar