Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Land Development

Land Development

The neighborhoods in which we live are one of the largest influences on our quality of life. From Master Planned Communities to Infill Housing, the impact on communities is immeasurable. We are proud to partner with some of the most respected developers in the nation to provide safe, attractive and well-constructed homes for families across the country.

Converse works closely with communities and developers to provide environmental documents that ensure the selected sites are clean, safe and appropriate for the planned development. Any potential contamination is identified and remediation plans are developed and carried out.

Preliminary geotechnical investigations reveal potential ‘fatal flaws’, such as earthquake faulting and liquefaction zones. We then conduct detailed geotechnical investigations to provide information about the subsurface conditions across the site and recommendations for grading and foundation design.

During construction we provide observation and testing during mass and finish grading and inspection and testing of concrete, asphalt and other materials.

Project Experience:
Valley In Riverside Residential Development
North-West Riverside County, Development
Nevada Land Development