Thursday, October 29, 2020



Solid waste landfills and hazardous waste landfills require controlled design, construction, closure and post-closure monitoring to provide an environmentally safe facility. Groundwater and surface water protection, liner and cap design, leachate collection, subgrade and slope stability and slurry wall containment are some of the concerns for which the Geotechnical Engineer develops design parameters.

Laboratory and in-situ testing provide data relating to permeability, infiltration, shear strength and compressibility for the design of the landfill elements. Monitoring of seepage, groundwater quality and subsurface stability verify the performance during and after construction.

Construction of buildings or other faciIities over closed landfills has been successfully accomplished through characterization of the fill, application of theoretical and empirical knowledge of foundation engineering and landfill behavior and design of proper venting systems for gases.

Project Experience:
Landfill Containment Cell Expansion
Pennsylvania Landfill Closure