Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Groundwater Replenishment System Expansion

Project Location:

Fountain Valley, CA

Converse Responsibilities:

Materials Testing and Inspection Services

The project involved the Advanced Water Treatment Facility (AWPF) expansion, located in Fountain Valley and the Secondary Effluent Flow Equalization project. The expansion required the construction of several new structures, including two 7.5 MG above-ground steel storage tanks, 1,000 linear feet of 54-inch diameter pipeline, a UV facility for installation of two new UV trains, a de-carbonation tower, a lime saturator and other modifications and upgrades.

Groundwater Replenishment System Expansion

To overcome subsurface site conditions which make the underlying soil prone to liquefaction, the structures were to be founded on piles or placed on footings or mat foundations. Other steps to firm up and dewater the soils were required to protect the existing and new structures. We provided observation and inspection of the foundation piling.

When stockpile materials tested positive for contaminants our Environmental Services staff was contacted and conducted asbestos surveys and air quality monitoring. These additional services were not part of our original scope of work and we were able to meet the emergency needs of the client without stopping the project.

Converse provided materials testing and inspection services. This included geotechnical observation excavation, shoring and ground stabilization. We also provided testing and inspection for concrete, reinforcing and structural steel and masonry. Our services also included windows, doors, metal wall panels and roofing system installation. We retained subcontractors to provide coating inspections, aerial photo survey, noise monitoring and water quality services.