Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Perris Valley Pipeline

Project Location:

Riverside County, CA

Converse Responsibilities:

Geotechnical Investigation

Perris Valley Pipeline

The project consisted of the design and construction of 6.6 miles of 108-inch and 96-inch diameter water pipeline and 2 pump stations within the City of Riverside, California. The pipeline was constructed using conventional open trench excavation and trenchless crossings at 6 locations, including railroad tracks and a freeway. The project required

Converse conducted a geotechnical investigation consisting of 36 borings, rock coring’s and seismic refraction. Site-specific seismic analysis was generated to address response spectra and peak ground acceleration. Reports prepared by Converse addressed challenges of shallow bedrock, shallow and perched groundwater and crossings of major arterials, railroad tracks and the I-215.