Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A San Bernardino County City Assessment and Remediation

Project Location:

West San Bernardino County, CA

Converse Responsibilities:

  • Community Involvement Plan
  • Community wide Site Inventory
  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Field Sampling Plans
  • Quality Assurance Project Plans
  • Health & Safety Plans

In 2011 this city received two Brownfield grants, an assessment grant for the assessment of petroleum contaminated and hazardous waste sites and a clean-up grant.


Services under the assessment grant included the preparation of a community involvement plan including the preparation of community notices and fact sheets, facilitating community meetings and providing support to the Brownfield steering committee.

We prepared a community wide site inventory identifying potential Brownfield sites, conducting up to 30 Phase I Environmental site assessments (ESA) and up to 10 Phase II ESA’s. The Phase II ESAs required the preparation of Field Sampling plans (FSP), quality assurance project plans (QAPP) and health and safety plans (HASP). In addition Converse provided updates of property profile forms and prepared quarterly progress reports for submittal to the EPA.

The clean-up grant was awarded for a former industrial site in which contamination had been identified. Services included the preparation of community outreach documents, the preparation of a clean-up plan including a field sampling plan and support documents, the oversight of the clean-up activities including sampling and analysis and preparation of final closure report. Converse also assisted the city in filing required reports with the EPA.