Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Major Redevelopment Area

Project Location:

Northern Nevada

Converse Responsibilities:

  • Assistance during the grant writing process and peer review
  • Evaluating and prioritizing high priority properties for site assessments
  • Phase I ESA
  • Phase II ESA
  • Clean-Up Planning
  • Community Outreach and Involvement activities
  • Presentations as part of Community Workshops
  • EPA reporting

The sites were a major redevelopment area for a city in northern Nevada including its historical business district. The City was incorporated in 1905 and was developed to meet the needs of the railroad. Many of the historical businesses have contributed to the environmental concerns that have been identified in the area.

Victorian Sq

Converse assisted the City in evaluating properties to purchase by way of performing over 25 Phase I and Phase II investigations in this area.

Converse also helped the City obtain a Brownfield Assessment Grant. Under this grant funding, Converse is in the process of assisting the City to conduct up to 24 Phase I's and 8 Phase II assessments.

The Phase I and Phase II properties included historic casinos, dry cleaners, gasoline stations and other retail shops that used underground storage tanks. Included in the evaluations were testing for asbestos suspect building materials and lead-based paint. In many cases, Converse also assisted the City by removing identified underground storage tanks and conducted associated remediation as required. Converse also assisted in the demolition of building identified by the City as being need to prepare the property for planned redevelopment.