Tuesday, August 11, 2020
A San Bernardino Elementary School
Project Location:
San Bernardino, CA

Converse Responsibilities:
Geotechnical Investigation, Percolation Testing, Geotechnical Observation & Testing

The elementary school project included one and two-story wood and steel frame buildings founded on shallow spread footings, a parking area, playgrounds and a bus drop-off area.  

The project also included the construction of an additional lane on a couple of streets around the site to accommodate the future increase of traffic.

Converse conducted a geotechnical investigation which included the drilling of 25 borings, percolations testing, laboratory testing of representative samples and the preparation of a report to present our findings, conclusions and recommendations to meet DSA requirements.

During construction we provided full-time and on-call observation during grading and post-grading activities, performed full-time and on-call observation and compaction testing during utility trench backfills, inspected footing excavation bottoms and performed continuous observation and compaction testing during wall backfills and grading of paved areas.