Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Southern California School District

Project Location:

Southern California

Converse Responsibilities:


Converse Consultants has a Master Services Agreement with a major Southern California school district since 2000. We have successfully completed various Phase I ESAs, PEAs, SSIs, RAWs and RACRs, as well as import/ export soil monitoring and sample collection and underground storage tank (UST) removal and closure services for the district.

A Southern California School District

Converse conducted a PEA for a new high school. The site consisted of 12.6 acres and was occupied by industrial, residential, commercial and recreational properties. Four areas of concern were initially identified. The PEA activities included soil matrix sampling (approximately 102 samples from 33 locations) and soil vapor sampling (64 samples from 31 locations). Evaluation included metals, total petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, dioxins and furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls. The PEA concluded that further investigation to delineate identified chemicals of concern was required. Converse Consultants subsequently conducted two SSIs, one for the industrial properties (355 soil samples from 153 locations) to delineate metals, TPH and VOCs in soil and one for the evaluation for lead-base paint residue in soil (230 soil samples from 198 locations).

Subsequent to the PEA and SSI investigations, the District reconfigured the Site. Converse Consultants conducted three Phase I ESAs on three separate industrial properties that were being reconsidered by the district. Converse Consultants subsequently conducted three PEA level investigations at each of the properties; followed by three SSIs. Upon final reconfiguration of the site to 9.2 acres, Converse Consultants repackaged the investigations into two comprehensive reports: one as a PEA and one as a SSI/PEA equivalent for the remaining portion of the parcels for future consideration.

Converse Consultants initially prepared a RAW for the removal of approximately 6,800 tons of arsenic, lead and TPH impacted soil.