Tuesday, August 11, 2020
PSU Stormwater Management
Design Manual

Project Location:
University Park, PA
Converse Responsibilities:
Develop standards for the design and operation of engineered infiltration stormwater Best Management practices
The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) University Park Campus is located upon sinkhole-prone (karst) carbonate bedrock and local soils are generally clayey.  Most of the published literature on engineered stormwater infiltration indicates that karst or clayey soil settings may not be well suited to engineered stormwater infiltration practices.  Nonetheless, PSU sought to develop standards for engineered stormwater infiltration as part of a Master Plan development initiative for the urbanized, 450-acre Fox Hollow Basin at the northern portion of the University Park Campus.   Converse developed Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Master Plan development projects at the University Park Campus. 
Converse reviewed the geotechnical data for 177 soil borings and 94 rock corings at 13 PSU development projects to develop background information on subsurface conditions at the project area.  The PSU Stormwater Management Technical Guidance Manual will be used for the development of the East Subcampus Project, the Arboretum at Penn State, Fox Hollow Stormwater Infiltration Facility and other PSU planned development projects in the Fox Hollow Basin over the coming decade.