Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Ivanpah Solar Project

Project Location:

San Bernardino County, CA

Converse Responsibilities:

Permit Assistance
Geotechnical Investigation
Pylon Testing Support

Project Description and Scope of Service:

Ivanpah Solar Project

Converse Consultants provided the geotechnical investigation for the construction of the first phase of the 400 Megawatt complex in California’s Mojave Desert in Ivanpah, approximately 5 miles from the California-Nevada border. The first phase includes a 100 Megawatt solar power generation facility that will utilize approximately 50,000 heliostats and will generate enough electricity to power approximately 35,000 homes.

Our investigation involved a subsurface exploration which includes 16 initial geotechnical borings up to 100’ below the ground surface. A ReMi (Re­fraction Microtremor) survey, which measures Rayleigh Waves (S-Waves) in the upper 100 feet of the soil profile was performed at two different locations within the project site. Laboratory testing was conducted on soil samples. We prepared a report presenting our findings, conclusions and recommendations. Converse also provided Pylon Testing Support and coordination of the lateral load testing for heliostat foundations.