Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Hospital West Tower Replacement Project

Project Location:

Los Angeles County, CA

Converse Responsibilities:

Geotechnical Investigation, Geotechnical Observation and Testing Services

Huntington Memorial Hospital West Tower

The new building is six stories above grade with one below grade level. This building is adjacent to the west side of the East Tower building and also includes a below grade pedestrian tunnel connecting the structure to the existing building to the south. A below grade truck access ramp outside the limits of the below ground (basement) levels was also constructed along the western portion of the new building.

Converse conducted a geotechnical investigation, laboratory testing and prepared a report consistent with current edition of California Building Code, Title 24 and CGS Note 48-Checklist for the review of Geologic/Seismic Reports for California Public Schools, Hospitals and Essential Services Buildings, to present design and construction recommendations including seismicity, liquefaction analysis, bearing capacity, settlement and earthwork for the proposed facility. During construction we provided geotechnical consultation, observation and testing of compacted fill, shoring installation and site wall backfill.