Tuesday, August 11, 2020

University Medical Centre

Project Location:

West Los Angeles County, CA

Converse Responsibilities:

Geotechnical Investigation, Geotechnical Observation and Testing

Santa Monica Medical Center UCLA

A University Medical Centre suffered significant structural damage to its Hospital Tower as a result of the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Following completion of a FEMA-sponsored detailed assessment of the damage, a plan was developed for the reconstruction of a state-of-the-art replacement building. The project consisted of phased construction of a new hospital (northern wing, central wing and south-western wing), a new central plant and a new Orthopaedic Hospital Institute with a total square footage of about 500,000 square feet.

Converse prepared a geological map and three-dimensional fault source model, characterizing soil conditions in the upper 100 feet beneath the site. We performed a probabilistic seismic hazard analysis and a surface seismic refraction and reflection survey.

Our geotechnical investigation included drilling for continuous core samples and additional borings from 50 to 101 feet. Laboratory analyses were conducted and a report was prepared consistent with the current edition of the California Building Code, Title 24 and CGS Note 48-Checklist for the review of Geologic/Seismic Reports for California Public Schools, Hospitals and Essential Services Buildings, to present design and construction recommendations including seismicity, liquefaction analysis, bearing capacity, settlement and earthwork for the proposed facility. During construction we provided geotechnical consultation, observation and testing of compacted fill, shoring installation and site wall backfill.