Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Nevada Land Development
Project Location:
Southern Nevada

Converse Services:
Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
Groundwater Monitoring
Vapor Extraction System (VES) Pilot Testing
Phase III Remediation

In order to develop the site as a residential community the owner required Environmental Site Assessments and possible remediation. Facility operations, office buildings, a garage/lube building, truck scales and a concrete batch process plant were located on the southwest portion of the site. Vehicle fuelling and maintenance operations were conducted in this area and there were multiple underground storage tanks. Above-ground storag
e tanks, an asphalt plant and an undocumented landfill were formerly located on the southeast portion of the site.

Phase I and Phase II site assessments conducted by Converse identified several areas of concern associated with the former uses of the site. An aggressive remedial approach was undertaken consisting sunrise highlandsof the excavation and removal of impacted soil combined with completion of a Risk Evaluation for impacted soil that was not removed. A “no further action” determination was issued. This was one of the largest remediation projects undertaken in southern Nevada.