Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Valley In Riverside Residential Development

Project Location:
Riverside County, CA

Converse Responsibilities:
Geotechnical Investigation
Geotechnical Observation and Testing

Converse Consultants provided geotechnical services during design and construction for multiple projects within this area of Riverside County, California, including an approximately 160-acre and a 40-acre site. The planned developments included one and/or two-story single-family residential housing and associated driveways, streets with curb and gutter, sidewalks and above and underground utilities.

Converse performed subsurface investigations, laboratory testing of site soils and prepared reports presenting our findinFrench Valleygs, conclusions and recommendations for the development.

During construction we performed observation, field density and laboratory testing during grading and post-grading. We prepared reports containing the results of our geotechnical field observations, in-place density and laboratory testing performed to ascertain earthwork compliance with project plans and specifications. We provided as-needed consultation during construction and prepared interim letters to provide certification or additional recommendations.