Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Pine Hall Stormwater

Basin Assessment

Project Location:

State College, PA

Converse Responsibilities:

Assess urbanization-related flooding

The Pine Hall stormwater sub-basin in Ferguson Township has been heavily developed and additional growth and development is expected in this area in the near future. Unanticipated flooding occurs at the Haymarket Park stormwater basin and down-drainage to the Borough of State College Maintenance Garage and the Struble Sinkhole. Sinkholes are prevalent throughout the area and have resulted in damage to stormwater basins, outlet and inlet structures and drainageways. The development of the Haymarket Park area included filling in and bypassing an existing sinkhole. Ferguson Township sought to remedy the unanticipated flooding problems by improving engineered stormwater features and by increasing movement of stormwater into the ground in upslope areas.

Converse services included:

Review of development drawings, design and as-built contour information, soils information,

A field investigation of the problem area to assess present infiltration conditions.

The fieldwork included field penetrometer tests, soil sampling, double-ring infiltrometer tests and sleeved boring infiltration tests. Project data were assessed to interpret present-day conditions that contribute to stormwater conditions. Recommendations were developed for remedial measures to address stormwater infiltration issues.