Tuesday, August 11, 2020
New Parking Structure

Project Location:
Fullerton, CA

Converse Responsibilities:
Geotechnical Investigation, Observation and Laboratory Testing Services

The proposed new six-story parking structure was constructed within an existing parking lot area in the City of Fullerton, California. The structure added 1500 parking spaces to the existing lot.  Calstate Fullerton Parking Structure

During design Converse performed a geotechnical investigation.  This included 6 borings to 66.5 feet, 4 cone penetrometer tests to 80 feet, laboratory testing and the preparation of a report.  We presented our findings, conclusions and recommendations regarding earthwork and geotechnical parameters for the design and construction.

Our services during construction included the observation of pile installation, laboratory testing of test pile grout, observation and testing of soils compaction, aggregate base, concrete and asphalt concrete.