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Balancing the needs of business, the environment and the community are necessary for a firm’s long-term financial success. Converse strives to balance those needs for our clients. Our professionals provide solutions to our clients' needs that enable them to be proactive and stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues.

Our goal is to help our clients maintain or increase their property value and minimize long-term liability. This is accomplished by identifying risk, documenting compliance issues, investigating site conditions, providing innovative or traditional remedial solutions, evaluating air quality, legal support, waste minimization, engineering design, or facilitating closure. Converse has been providing environmental services to our clients since the early 1980's after implementation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976.

Brownfields Services
Phase 1 / Phase II
Landfills / Solid Waste
SWPPP Services
Remediation Services
Underground Storage Tanks
Regulatory Compliance
Occupational Health and Safety

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